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One for the Ladies

Classic Car Weekly | Thursday, January 3, 2008

Come on, tell the truth, hand on heart - where do you think women belong in the garage trade? asks TED CONNOLLY. Well, they don't, do they? In this world, men rule, okay? But the fact is that they don't hold the monopoly on spannerwork - and Caroline Lake is happy to prove the point.

About four years ago, she earned a few column inches after taking over as manager of a classic car garage in Norfolk, called Wensum Classics. She moved on and finally achieved her dream, opening her own garage called Caroline's Cars, in Norwich. She offers both mechanical and bodywork services and more than 50 percent of her work is on classic cars - mainly Triumphs. She also runs beginner classes for women in basic vehicle maintenance. A TR4 the garage recently restored won best TR4 at Knebworth.

Caroline is a qualified MoT tester and over the past three years, has learnt to paint spray. She now does most of the bodywork and spraying at her garage.

Life's busy and Caroline's own TR4 - nicknamed Sieve by mechanic Paul (figure it out) - is slowly being restored, but has to wait for attention in between customers' cars.

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